Selecting VSTS Nuget EndpointS for Nuget Clients…

While I love utilizing private VSTS Nuget Endpoints, it’s been painful for folks (people that I work with day-in and day-out) on how to use the endpoints correctly. Particularly, if you have clients that use older versions of Nuget Client (< 2.9), most likely those clients will receive an endless authentication box or will get authentication but not receive any data (package details, etc…)

How to fix it? It’s as simple as changing the URL from your clients.

Clients that has 3.X version of Nuget, use this URL:


Support Clients:

  • Visual Studio 2015 +
  • Nuget.exe 3.x

Clients that has < 2.9 version of the Nuget, use this URL:


Support Clients:

  • < Visual Studio 2013 (including updates)
  • < Nuget.exe 2.9
  • < Xamarin Studio
  • Nuget Package Explorer

Outside of pointing to the correct endpoints, make sure you have the proper authentication setup in your development environment, which involves:

  1. Getting a Personal Access Token (PAT)
  2. Selecting the correct method for storing your credentials. I personally like the boostrap method of storing Nuget credentials in your development environment

For more information on Nuget and the different versions, go to:

From Nuget’s website:

NuGet Feed Locations

NuGet delivers packages to your project from a feed URL that provides interactions with the repository for your NuGet client. For, configure your NuGet clients to use one of the following repository URLs:


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